Offers for Families & Children

Families and children welcome

Please note: We are not a "holiday farm" with animals and guided farm programs. Except for our rabbits in the play barn ;-)

Out into nature

Our treasure hunt is a fun way to spend time with the family. Alternatively, you can also go to the 'Forest Playground' on your own and build a dam or set up a forest teepee there.

"Join in!"

On the soccer field or in the barn (starting from summer 2024, then in the former cowshed), you can play soccer or have fun on the straw castle. And the best part: There's even a trampoline.

"Be part of it!"

On the farm, you can take turns riding the pedal tractors and go-karts.

"Football tournament"?

In the play barn, you can enjoy an exciting game of table tennis or foosball.

"Active & Creative"

Let your creativity run wild! In the creative workshop, you can sculpt figures out of clay or work on Ytong stones with files and rasps.

"...playing outside"

Children's world... just go out and play. Enjoy the fresh air and the freedom to simply be outside and play carefree.

...when the children are occupied, the parents are on vacation

"...time for oneself and the family"