Nature-oriented & Sustainable Vacation

"Breathe and feel good... noticeably, space and room for yourself and your family."

We carry the LANDGRÜN seal. What does that mean? Hardly any other form of vacation comes as close to the topic of sustainability as a holiday in the countryside. There, where life doesn't happen in front of the television, but outside the door. LANDGRÜN stands for hosts and accommodations throughout Europe that place special emphasis on sustainability and have been successfully evaluated in various criteria of the areas INFORM – ARRIVE – STAY – EXPERIENCE – DEPART.


Green, greener... LANDGRÜN!

Many wall surfaces of our courtyard are covered with greenery, serving as shelter for birds and insects and providing pleasant coolness in the summer. Every year, we let areas of the courtyard grow undisturbed, thus maintaining natural flower meadows and bee pastures. The fenced pond is a source of food for many animal species, including bees and swallows. On our treasure hunt and family hike, you'll discover the Hatzevenn and Hohe Venn... nature right on your doorstep.

Avoidance comes before disposal...

 Of course, waste is sorted on our farm. We refrain from using single-use bottles and avoidable plastic packaging.

For instance, our eco-friendly dishwasher tabs come without additional plastic packaging; Confirmations and invoices are sent by email, and only printed on paper upon request.

Cleaning of our holiday apartments is carried out using biodegradable cleaning agents (refill containers) wherever possible.


Thinking green and acting accordingly is actually quite simple: For example, buying fruits and vegetables without packaging; Solid soaps, shower bars instead of plastic packaging in the bathroom.

E-Charging Station

 Charging Station for Electric Cars Are you arriving with an electric car? There is an E-Charging Station on the premises. (€0.50/kWh

Internet, mobile phones...

 Take a break. Use your time for family, children, and yourself. Time doesn't repeat itself; we only have it once... Wi-Fi is available in the holiday apartments. However, it may not always be reliable! 

Energy Generation

 Our holiday apartments are heated by a combined heat and power plant, which also generates electricity for the farm. Hot water is partially produced by two solar installations. The electricity from our photovoltaic system is fed into the grid