Information for your stay at Victorhof:

Here you can already read some things in peace from our information book in advance.

We are all happy to assist you with solving big and small problems. Please also contact us if something does not meet your expectations despite our efforts.

We wish you lots of sunshine, good relaxation, and unforgettable holiday days on our farm.

  Excursions: Information material for your leisure activities can be found in the information book in each holiday apartment as well as in the common room. You will find hiking maps, brochures, etc.


Outside: From 9:00 PM, we kindly ask you to keep conversations (and playing) outdoors at room volume, respecting neighbors and families with small children who are sleeping. The garden and seating areas around the house are available to all guests. Find peace and relaxation where you feel most comfortable. You are welcome to place loungers, benches wherever you like.


Departure Day: Please leave the holiday apartment swept clean with beds stripped on the day of departure. Dispose of the trash accordingly beforehand. Departure is until 10:00 AM. 


Common Room: Eggs, butter, beer, water can be purchased here as long as they are available. Simply enter in the provided list.

You will also find information material, hiking maps here for inspection. The room is closed from around 9 PM.


Please: So that many guests can still feel comfortable on our farm: Treat the furnishings and laundry gently and report any damages to the inventory immediately. Our beds are not trampolines!


Blankets: Additional blankets/pillows can be provided if not already available in the holiday apartment.


Energy Saving: Please use energy sparingly. When it's cold outside: Only ventilate the living areas briefly - for 10 minutes.

When absent (on an excursion), always close all windows.


Some bicycles (for adults) for excursions are available, please inform us shortly beforehand.


Football: on the football pitch.


Garden loungers are available for you in the garden.


GRILL - Clean grill grates after use, dispose of the cooled ash in the residual waste. You will find the grill in the barn or at the holiday apartment. Charcoal for grilling can be taken free of charge for one-time use.


Information and hiking maps are available in the common room. You can always ask us as well. In your information folder, you will also find tips for excursions, etc.


Creative Corner: Here you can be creative with the Ytong blocks and files or model small figures or similar with clay (clay substitute). Please leave the crafted works until departure, do not take them into the holiday apartments.


Cats: Our cats are friendly and like to be stroked and cuddled. They can also be fed, but please do not let them into the holiday apartment. If the cats feel overwhelmed, they can become a bit cranky at times.


Rental bicycles are available to you free of charge. Just let us know on-site.


Trash: The trash room is located in the green wooden house in front of the courtyard, behind the double door.

We separate the trash - green dot, residual waste, glass, and paper. Bowl leftovers, "raw food", bread can be fed to our pig. Please do not dispose of food waste, citrus fruits, and meat! Also, please do not throw residual waste into the bins for plastic!


Neighboring Farms: We ask you not to enter the two neighboring farms and their private areas. They do not belong to the holiday farm.


Games, information, books with hiking suggestions, etc. are available in the common room. Please return them there after use.


Straw: You can romp and play in the straw. Please do not carry the straw outside, use it for feeding, or tear apart the straw bales!


All games and toys on the farm may be used. We ask you to handle them with care. Please remind your children accordingly. Thank you.


Trampoline: Remember to take off your shoes on the trampoline (up to 100 kg load). Max. 1 person.


You will find a first aid kit in the common room and a fire extinguisher in each holiday apartment.


Laundry: Our laundry room is available to you. We charge 3€ per load for washing/drying.


Finally: Use dishes, cutlery, glasses, oven (only racks), etc., according to their purpose and store them cleaned after use in the designated cabinets!


We reserve the right to check on the day of departure. If the cleaning effort is significantly

higher than normal, we will charge a compensation for additional cleaning of up to 50 €.